This is the old page for Chhobi. The new page is at github. This version of Chhobi is unmaintained, outdated and just a little bit smelly

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Chhobi* is a basic photo organizing program aimed at the average home user for whom the expensive pro tools out there are over-featured and over-priced. It provides a simple interface to add keywords and captions to photos. Photos can then be searched/grouped using these keywords/captions. The keywords and caption text are stored in the image metadata following the exif/ipct standard, making them readable by many other programs that also implement this standard.
(*Chhobi means means 'Picture' in Bengali. The squiggle in the center of the logo is the Bengali letter 'chh')
Chhobi is offered to the world at no cost, as is, under the GPL. There is no warranty, either express or implied.

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(i.e. what Chhobi does NOT do, but other photo organizers may do)


Chhobi v1.2


Like most open source projects Chhobi builds on other open source endevours. Chhobi depends on, is the better for, and was easy to write because of these fine pieces of open source software:

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